Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Looking towards next UHB fantasy season

With the UHB playoffs semifinals underway, it's time to eye next season and what possible changes are in store.

I've already announced on the league message board that starting next season, the UHB will become a dynasty (keeper) league. This should, I hope, weed out any absentee managers who hang around for about 3 or 4 weeks at the start of the season and then disappear once they realize that their roster was poorly drafted.

Teams will be able to keep 5 players at the end of the season so you'll want to make adjustments to your drafting strategy that you had going into this season. another advantage to this is that the live drafts, in years following, will go much faster since you'll have 5 less players to draft for your roster.

Another change I am considering but have not decided yet is if I should award a different prize next year. For example, I am thinking of awarding the champion a hockey jersey like the one you see above, only with the UHB logo on it. It's quite a bit more money than the mug but it would be a cool prize. I am also considering an embroidered hat.

So if you have any opinions about what prize you prefer, just let me know in the comments section here. Thanks and enjoy the rest of the playoffs.

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