Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Here is some hockey related apparel and merchandise from various designers that I am more than happy to refer to you. Any purchase made through any of these links allows me to receive a referral fee as an associate of those designers.

Hockey Blades

Hockey team logo designs for hockey fans and players of all sizes and ages. Purchase apparel and merchandise to show off your beer league and fantasy hockey teams.

This single page lens about the UHB is dedicated solely to the Yahoo! Head-to-Head league. It contains all the information pertaining to Yahoo! UHB H2H that you would need to know on how and when to join, rules, settings, etc. It was created before the UHB blog as the original UHB website but now will be used as an archive backup and to direct outside visitors to the blog site.
UHB Lens

Another lens, this time focusing on the Fantrax roto league. This is similar to the Yahoo lens in that it explains how to join as well as what the rules and league settings are. This is known as UHB2 since it was the second league created after the one at Yahoo!


The Hockey Card Show

Promo apparel and merchandise for an online video show about two guys who use hockey cards as a conversation piece and a good excuse to talk about hockey.
Ice Hockey Designs
This store has an endless selection of hockey designs from which to choose. Choose a design you like available on t-shirts, mugs, hats, stamps and more.
Visit Ice Hockey Designs today and get a gift for the hockey fan in your life.

Fantasy Monster Hockey
Fantasy hockey player with blood red hair and massive hockey stick, with blue tribal crest and flaming background! "Hockey" text gives serious attitude! Fantasy hockey shirts and gifts!

Trust Me, I'm A Goalie
B/w goalie graphic available on t-shirts, hats, mugs, stickers, key chains, etc.

Eat, Sleep, Play Hockey
Awesome hockey t-shirts and gifts with hockey player and Eat, Sleep, Play Hockey banners and flourishes! Great hockey gifts for players and hockey fans! Perfect for high school, college and professional hockey players!

Embroidered Hockey Skate
A great design for women who play and love hockey! Skate boot has pink laces and is filled with pink and purple flowers. This embroidered design is available on various apparel including pullover hoodie, jacket, polo shirt, sweatshirt and t-shirt. For more embroidered hockey designs, click on link.

Hockey Girl Store
Pink Hockey Girl designs on t-shirts. Player number on back.

Hockey Mask Poster
Hockey mask graphic design. The most infamous halloween mask there is...the hockey mask!

A very spooky and effective rendering that would make a great addition to anyone's wall of horror.

Hockey Moms Gone Wild
For all of those crazy nights during the hockey tournaments.Orange liquid spilling out of a martini glass with a mini hockey stir stick and puck at bottom .
Available on t-shirts of all sizes, styles and colours.

Shoot Like You Mean It!
T-shirt with hockey puck bursting through chest and ripping a hole in shirt. Available in several sizes, styles and colours.

Hockey Skates Greeting Card
General Card for the "Hockey Person" you know. Can be customized to suit your needs.
Two sizes to choose from: Greeting Card and Note Card.

Monroeville Zombies
A unique zombie shirt that captures the essence of Dawn of the Dead. Also the name of Zach's hockey team from Zach and Miri make a porno

Fighting Roosters 1
Fighting rooster hockey logo
Rooster wearing hockey skates putting up its dukes an taking a fighting stance.
Available on many styles and sizes of apparel.

Embroidered Canadian Flag and Hockey Player
Super t-shirt design features an embroidered Canadian flag and hockey player with text saying Canada hockey.
Also available on jackets, sweatshirts and tote bags. Several sizes and colours from which to choose.

Hockey Junky

We proudly serve Hockey Fanatics Worldwide... One Junky At a Time!

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