Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Return of Peter Puck

Is it just a coincidence that Peter Puck, the cartoon character, and former Edmonton Oilers owner Peter Pocklington are both back in the limelight? Pocklington's nickname at the time of the 80's powerhouse Oilers was of course, Peter Puck. Now one is once again promoting hockey while the other is promoting a book with a shocking claim.

New Peter Puck cartoons return to CBC after an absence of over a quarter century. Rights owner and former hockey broadcaster, Brian McFarlane, struck a deal with SEGAL Licensing making the company the global licensing agent for the character. McFarlane and SEGAL Licensing claim to have big plans for the "poke-check Professor," starting in Canada.

I always thought Peter Puck would be a good name for a fantasy hockey team, especially if the owner's name was Peter. I know two guys named Peter who are involved in hockey pools, and you would think one of them would have taken my suggestion. One of them has even started playing hockey in a rec league. He is Peter Puck!

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