Saturday, October 17, 2009

Which NHL goalie do you start?

In fantasy hockey, goalies account for a significant amount of your score even though you might only carry two of them on your team. Let's say however that you have three or even four and that you can only start two of them each night. Who do you pencil in? Sometimes you're not sure which goalies real life NHL coaches will start. They might decide to give their #1 starter the night off  for a bit of rest. You don't know for sure, do you? That is until now.

Two sites that do their best to forecast the starting goalies each night are and I've included both links in the sidebar under Fantasy Resources.

Last season, I used Goalie Post and I was very satisfied with it. Their accuracy rate was near perfect. It was free to use until this year when they decided to start charging $10 for a membership. That is still not a bad price considering that it might help you earn some cash winnings from your pool(s). I considered getting a membership, however I wanted to look around a bit and see if there was another service that was similar. By luck, I happened to see a link posted on Twitter pointing me to LWL. They have been around since 2006 and according to their stats, have a very high accuracy rate. So I am giving LWL a try and hopefully the results will be as satisfactory as they were with Goalie Post. After all, if you are in a head-to head league, missing a start can be devastating to your week. Don't miss another start with these two sites.

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