Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Welcome to the UHB!, Share and SellUnited Hockey Blades (UHB) is a fantasy hockey league that uses Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Hockey service as a third party to help organize and operate its league but is not affiliated with Yahoo! in any way.

Currently there are a couple of leagues; one head-to-head and one rotisserie. Both leagues are free to join, though there are limited openings available. Interested managers can request to be on a waiting list, should more openings become available.

UHB Arena is the official blog of the UHB and welcomes all current and former fantasy league members to visit and stay up to date on news, resources, videos and advice. Actually, all hockey fans are welcome! Make UHB Arena your link to the fantasy rink!

The UHB logo is protected by copyright and any unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.

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