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UHB Record Holders

Yahoo! UHB Head-to-Head

Individual Weeks Records  
as of week 25, 2010

One Week Totals

BEST      TOTAL               TEAM                   GM                   YEAR
GOALS                    32                             Texas Tornado                       (Havoc Fanatic)          2009-10
ASSISTS                  45                           Alberta Advantage                     (agoodburn)               2009-10   PIM                         112                          Hockey Lover                            (Ricardo C)                2009-10
PLUS/MINUS        +27                             Guelph Knights                          (coeurnoir)                 2009-10
PPG                         17                            Texas Tornado                         (Havoc Fanatic)          2009-10
PPP                          36                            Texas Tornado                        (Havoc Fanatic)          2009-10
SHG                          3                            Robin's Runners                              (Melissa)                2009-10
SHP                           5                              Wing Nutz                              (bowmansback)           2009-10  
FW                         240                         Hockey Lover                              (Ricardo C)               2009-10

WORST      TOTAL               TEAM               GM                   YEAR
GOALS                    3                                       Puck Junkies                  (Anthony M)                2009-10
ASSISTS                 7                                        docs blade2                             (Scott)                2009-10
PLUS/MINUS       -22                                       Guelph Knights                    (coeurnoir)               2009-10
PIM                       16                           Timmonen and Pumba/husky  (Voyager86)(husky)           2009-10
PPG                         0                                              several teams tied                                          2009-10   PPP                         1                                         docs blade2                           (Scott)                2009-10
FW                         42                                        Robin's Runners                    (Melissa)               2009-10

One Week Totals

BEST      TOTAL               TEAM                   GM                   YEAR

WINS                    7          Commissioner's Crew/Never Forget           (azac)(Fredy)                  2009-10
GAA                   0.50                                    Wing Nutz                    (bowmansback)                2009-10
SHUTOUTS          3                                      Puck Junkies                 (Anthony M)                      2009-10
SAVES                323                            Commissioner's Crew                   (azac)                        2009-10
SV%:                  .984                                      Wing Nutz                    (bowmansback)               2009-10

WORST      TOTAL               TEAM                   GM                   YEAR
GAA                         9.61                                    husky                                   (husky)                  2009-10
SAVES                     9                                         The Haie                    (lars_hoffman13)            2009-10
SV%                        .706                                     husky                                    (husky)                 2009-10

Season Records

Final Season Standings
Most Wins
Most Losses
Most Ties
Most Points
Best Winning %
Least Wins
Least Losses
Least Ties
Least Points
Worst Winning %

Team Stats Totals

Most Goals
Most Assists
Most PIM
Best +/-
Most PPG
Most PPP
Most SHG
Most SHP
Most Face-offs Won

Most Wins
Lowest G.A.A.
Most Shutouts
Most Saves
Least Wins
Highest G.A.A.
Least Shutouts

Most Trades
Most Moves

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