Wednesday, July 6, 2011

UHB Keeper League Players

The deadline for naming your 5 keeper players in the UHB fantasy league has been extended. Originally set for July 10th,2011, managers now have until Sept. 25th to lock in their top 5 keepers.

If you are one of the returning managers from last season, note that you can pick any 5 players at any position but starting the season after next, you must select one player for each position. To clarify, for the 2011-12 fantasy season, you will select any 5 players. For the 2012-13 season, you will select 1C, 1RW, 1LW, 1D and 1G. Keep this in mind when you will be drafting the rest of your roster as you will want to have at least one great player at each position.

For players that are listed at more than one position, you must indicate as to which position you are keeping him. For example, if a player is listed as LW/D, you must choose to keep him either as a LW or a D. If you designate that player a D, then you are eligible to choose another player to fill in the LW position and vice versa.

If any of the returning managers have any questions or concerns, leave a comment on this post or tweet me on Twitter @UHBfantasyleag.

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