Friday, September 7, 2012

UHB Fantasy Hockey Expansion

Me like hockey!
 Two New Franchises to Award!

The UHB is looking to expand this season from ten to twelve teams. Going into its 4th season, the head-to-head fantasy league transitioned into a dynasty league last year. That means managers are allowed to keep a certain amount of players from their current roster to carry over into next season. The league is free to join and there is a trophy awarded to the league champion as well as a consolation prize in certain cases.

Although it is possible that there might not be an NHL season due to a lockout, the UHB would still go ahead with its annual draft just in case a new CBA is reached. If the season is cancelled, you would at least have a roster of players to chose from to keep for next season. The draft is conducted live and online, using Yahoo! Sports. The new managers who join would draft 11th and 12th of the first round and then first and second in the following round, alternating in each successive round.

The prospective applicants should be dedicated and knowledgeable hockey fans. Part-timers need not apply. Prior fantasy hockey experience is an asset but not necessary. Your Yahoo! fantasy hockey profile will be considered when applying. The more experience and the higher your performance, the better your chances are of being granted a new franchise.

For more info about the rules, scoring and settings visit our UHB league page or browse other areas of this blog. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or post in the comments section.

Good luck!


  1. One franchise has been awarded, which leaves only one more. Who wants it?


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