Monday, November 23, 2009

Hockey Music Monday: The Hockey Song (3 versions)

Last week, I mentioned that The Hockey Song by Jughead was a different song altogether in comparison to Stompin' Tom Connors' original song. Well, this week I will show you how different it is with not one, not two but three versions of the song. Included of course is Stompin' Tom along with two very different-styled cover versions. The first cover is by The Hanson Brothers (the band, not the Slap Shot stars) and the second is by a group known as Company B.

These Hanson Brothers play this song like the other Hanson Brothers played hockey; tough and punk style with reasonable talent. No talking while I'm trying to listen to the f#@!%* song! The band is obviously named after the fictional, bespectacled goons from the famous hockey movie Slap Shot but is also a spin off of the Canadian band NoMeansNo. Do not confuse this band with Hanson, as if that was even a danger.

Company B's version of the song is done in a jazzy swing style reminiscent of the big band era that was popular around the 1930's and 40's. This version was also entered into CBC's Hockey Anthem Challenge in 2008 when the producers of Hockey Night in Canada launched a song writing contest to find a new opening theme to replace the previous one that was heard every Saturday night for 40 years. The grand prize was $100, 000. Unfortunately for Company B, they did not win. They did however, leave us with a wonderful rendition of a beloved song.

Out of these three, which is your favourite version? Is there another version you've heard that you like even better? Let us know.

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